iPoo: A Social Community for People Taking a Dump

Here at LotsOLoot, we’ve seen some pretty strange iPhone apps, but iPoo might just be the strangest yet. 

Released in early December, iPoo is an online community dedicated to connecting poopers everywhere. With iPoo, users can chat with fellow defecators, draw graffiti on a virtual wall, view a map pinpointing the location of other poopers, learn useless trivia, browse real-time pooping stats, share random thoughts, and more! Sorry, no poo photos allowed. Apple banned it. However, the iPoo website reports that they are working on alternative methods for users to post and draw on their photos. Can’t wait!

Amazingly, iPoo currently has approximately 20,000 members with more people joining every day. To purchase this poopular app or to learn more about its many features visit www.ipoonow.com.


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