How Irish Are You? App Helps You Find Out!

With St. Patrick’s day coming up, it’s no surprise that you might be scrambling to find a little luck of the Irish. You might even pretend to be Irish just so you can sport one of those “Kiss Me, I’m Irish” shirts.

Well, no worries: the Irish Heraldry app, though it’s been around since December, will help you fit right in this March.

The app holds a package of 1200 Coats of Arms,  full color family crests, and a guide for what those symbols actually mean.

The symbols used in heraldry have a variety of origins: some are Celtic, some are Christian, and some represent the character of the individual or family itself. Others identify the area people hail from in Ireland and even their occupation.

There can be more than one crest for the same name, which is especially complicated when it comes to similar-sounding names like Kavanagh and Cavanaugh.

The app is available on iTunes and in the Apple store on iPhone and iPad for 99 cents.

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