iSwifter: New App Provides Flash to iPad

If there’s one complaint that many iPad users can agree on, it’s that the web broswers don’t support  flash media. This is generally because Apple as a company feels that Flash takes up an unnecessarily large amount of space and can slow down browsers, but with so many websites, games, and videos requiring Flash to work, it can be frustrating when it’s not there.

A new app out called iSwifter claims to allow access to any Flash content on the web.

It’s a lofty claim. It’s also not the first app to promise said support – Skyfire brought Flash to the iPad with a server-side solution, but often in Skyfire, you have to manually click around to get the videos and games to work. It works, sort of, but it’s not ideal.

So what about iSwifter? Could it be the end-all be-all of Flash access for your iPad? Tech blog Engadget says, well, pretty much: While no browser data is caches (the company says its to avoid piracy and data collection issues), it does support most games and videos.

However, games that require arrow keys won’t work, as arrow key emulation is not implemented on any touch keyboards yet.

In contrast to Skyfire, iSwifter loads all Flash content. Whereas Skyfire omits some Flash elements that it can’t convert, iSwifter seems to load everything as if Flash was installed right on the device (though, that includes Flash ads).

For general web browsing, you can probably stick to using Safari. But when you need Flash conversion and support, iSwifter is probably your best bet. It’s free right now, but costs 99 cents once you reach its usage time limit – not a bad deal, since Skyfire is $4.99.

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