Jessica Alba Digitally Undressed for "Machete"

Actress Jessica Alba, who has made it very clear that she will not appear nude in a movie, appears in the movie Machete…nude?

Well, not quite. It turns out that technology is getting so good that it can actually undress a clothed person. In the picture, you see Ms. Alba wearing underwear in a shower scene for the film. Although, in the image directly next to it, you see her sans undies – and with an edited-to-make-smaller-tummy (give me a break, Hollywood – Jessica Alba isn’t perfect enough? Sheesh).

So is this just a creepy way to get stars who don’t want to get naked to, you know, get naked anyways? I’m not entirely sure what the difference is between actually being naked and just letting someone edit out your clothes – the end result is still the same – bare “flesh”.

Perhaps Alba only doesn’t want to do nude scenes because the thought of standing in front of a whole bunch of people naked is terrifying. In that case, the CGI editing makes sense. But if it’s her ‘moral’ stance on the topic, then again, what’s the difference from the real thing and a computer generated image?

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