Special Underwear Hides People's “Junk” From the TSA

Need to get on a plane this holiday season but don’t want TSA agents to see your junk? You’re in luck! Jeff Buske, an enterprising man in Colorado, has invented a new kid of underwear that will reportedly shield your private areas from TSA scanners.

According to Buske, the strategically-placed designs on his special bras, briefs, and inserts contain a metal that will hide a person’s private parts and protect them from radiation when they undergo medical and security screening. Designs include a fig leaf and clasped hands, and the inserts come in a variety of shapes. Buske has also created undergarments for children.

So far, the TSA hasn’t commented on Buske’s new collection, known as Rocky Flats Gear, but one has to wonder if a purposely-obscured crotch will lead to the more invasive pat-down search. On a recent episode of NPR’s All Things Considered, comedian Dave Barry discusses how “a blurred groin” lead to a TSA “groping," and he wasn't even wearing the special underwear.

Would you consider buying Buske’s special underwear or do you think it’s a waste of money? 

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