Ludacris-Designed Headphones Set to Ship in May

Signeo has created a pair of headphones designed by hip-hop star Ludacris, which premiered at CES a few months ago. They have just been priced out, and are (not surprisingly!) cheaper than what Dr. Dre and HP are charging for the HP Beats headphones.

The Signeo Soul by Ludacris series will start at $299, for the high-end SL300 model, while the similarly-styled pair of SL150’s will go for $199.

More conventional SL100’s will cost you $149, and if you prefer ear buds instead of over-the-head style listening, the SL99 will run you $99 while the SL49 will cost you $69. The ear buds even include small, medium, and large replacement ear tips for an optimal fit.

The headphones are compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod, which is good news to many music fans, and some models come with in-line remotes. All of the models feature gold-plated connectors for a seamless signal transfer.

Americans can expect to see the whole line this May in stores, and the company says that international distribution is being currently worked on.

Would you guys buy headphones designed by Ludacris? What about headphones or other products designed by your favorite artists?

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