MoviePass®: Like Netflix® for Theaters

If you like the idea and theory of Netflix® – that is, paying a little money to watch a lot of movies – you’ll probably love MoviePass®. MoviePass is a subscription service that allows subscribers to watch unlimited movies in theaters for $50 a month. Sound nice?

If you see a lot of movies in the theater, it sounds like a great idea. But, there are a few snags – first, a subscriber can only see one movie per day –so you can’t spend the entire afternoon escaping summer heat, basking in the theater’s air conditioning. Also, you can only watch the same movie once – if you want to see the same movie a second time, you have to pay full price.

Tickets are also non-transferable, and 3-D and/or IMAX movies will cost an extra $3 per movie – and tickets for the movies must be purchased on the day of the showing, through a partner service like Once you do that, you’ll get a redemption code (via smartphone, most likely), and then you can pick up the tickets at the theater.

The company is also exploring the potential for having a “light” pass, which would allow users to see four movies in the theater for $30.

MoviePass launches nationally this fall, and is expected to offer access to 40% of the country’s theaters. It is also working on starting a “roaming” option that would let subscribers see movies in more than one city. Would you use this? I think you’d have to be a pretty serious film addict in order to make it worth it.


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