MoviePass Put on Hold Due to Theater Complaints

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Earlier this week, we told you about the upcoming “Netflix for theaters” – MoviePass. MoviePass would allow moviegoers to save a little cash, purchasing a membership that allowed them to see as many movies as they wanted to for the affordable price of $50. Now, amid strong negative reaction from movie theaters, the launch has been postponed.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported that Bay area theaters were refusing to participate, and an AMC Theaters spokesman in Kansas City said the entire AMC chain would not be honoring MoviePass’ smartphone ticket system.

Despite backlash, however, MoviePass insists they are not going out of business; a spokeswoman for the company pointed to funding and plans to move forward, but says it will first reach out to theater owners, including AMC. She said that the response from consumers had been very positive – in the three days since ads and media reported on MoviePass’ launching, over 19,000 people requested more information about the company.

It seems as though MoviePass is confident in their business plan, and has even proposed to pay full price for the tickets, making up for the consumer discount via selling data (probably not the best option) and targeted marketing. Still, the idea of selling “discounted” has left theater owners wary.


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