Netflix Gets Competition from Zevida

Netflix, the ever-popular DVD-rental and online-media-streaming company, is about to get some competition from web site Sediva. Sediva, which offers current DVD titles for as low as $1 each, is now boasting that it offers “new movies before Netflix and Redbox.”

Zediva allows users to stream movies, which are newly released on DVD, via the Internet – to computers as well as select Internet-connected TVs, Blu-Ray players, and other devices – without the delay that other services have.

On the web site, it notes that the “New Movies Now” tab includes movies that are not yet available for Netflix or Redbox users.

Under current studio deals, Netflix has to wait 28 days before it offers new DVD releases via mail. Redbox has the same 28-day delay period. Comparable in-cable services offer new releases, but at a price tag of $4 to $5. Zediva offers single rentals for $1.99, or a package of ten rentals for $10 -- $1 each.

The company’s web site says, “When you rent a movie from Zediva, you have up to 14 days to complete watching the movie. Each time you rent the movie, you receive control of that DVD for 4 hours.

Hmm. This makes me wonder if the studios will crack down on Zediva the same way they have on Redbox and Netflix.

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