iPhone App Scans Groceries, Makes Checkout Faster

Scan It! App

If you’ve ever been frustrated waiting in a long grocery line, check out the app for iPhone called Scan It!. Scan It! was created by Modiv Media and works at Stop & Shop, which currently operates more than 375 supermarkets in the eastern United States.

The app lets customers scan items while they show, presents them with personalized offers and savings as they go, and speeds up the checkout process.  The app relies heavily on loyalty-card numbers – users install the app, load in their loyalty card by taking a picture of its bar code, then taking their phone with them to the store.

The phone’s camera will then take pictures of the bar codes of things a person puts into their cart, adding up the prices to maintain a running total. The user bags his or her own groceries, eliminating the need to unload a cart, bag groceries, and then reload the cart at the checkout lane. In theory, stores will rely on the honor system to avoid theft, but sometimes employees will perform checks on the groceries being scanned.

When the user is finished shopping, the app sends information about the contents of the shopping cart to the store’s point-of-sale system.

So, if you live near a Stop & Shop, check out this new app and speed up your grocery shopping trips!

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