Amazon CEO Proposes Airbags for Smartphones

We have airbags in our cars, so why not on our smartphones? A patent application filed by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos reveals that the Bezos and Greg Hart, an Amazon vice president, are on a mission to save phones from devastating falls and that airbags may be the answer.

According to the patent app, made public last week, Bezos’ portable device protection system would use sensors to help smartphones (or other electronic devices) determine when they’re falling and if the fall is enough to cause catastrophic damage. If the phone senses it’s in danger, an airbag or a series of airbags would deploy, protecting the device from a devastating impact.

However, airbags aren’t the only trick Bezos and Hart have up their sleeves. The Amazon bigwigs also propose a “reorientation” element that would help phones land on their least vulnerable side, in addition to jets of compressed air and/or springs that would help phones rebound from a major fall.

Notebooks, tablet computers, video cameras, personal data assistants, and video game consoles are just a few of electronic devices Bezos and Hart envision benefitting from their invention.

PC Mag reports that the patent, first submitted in February 2010, has not yet been granted.

How many of you out there have destroyed a cell phone by dropping it? Think airbags would help?

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