New Movie “Source Code” Uses Mobile Tagging Marketing Campaign

As one could expect with a movie titled Source Code, the new flick starring Jake Gyllenhaal is using mobile tagging as part of its digital marketing campaign.

It’s a first for Summit Entertainment, the studio behind the thriller. Source Code will have a social media game called Source Code Mission that can be activated by Microsoft Tag technology within the movie poster.

That little bit of code, read by any smartphone,  will lead the user t a game that takes 10 to 20 minutes to beat and is based on the movie’s plot. The plot features Gyllenhaal retuning to the scene of a Chicago train bombing and trying to change the outcome.

Souce Code is set to premiere this weekend at the SXSW Festical in Austin, Texas. It will open in wide release on April 1.

Though other studios have used this type of technology before, Jack Pan, the executive vice president at Summit, says he wanted to create “a true value proposition for anyone who scanned the code,” instead of just leading the user to a website.

Those who complete the game will also be automatically entered into a contest to win a trip to SXSW in 2012. Summit worked with The Visionaire Group on the game.

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