Sprint Nearly Doubles Its Early Termination Fee

Adding more fuel to the “Sprint is getting the iPhone 5” fire, the wireless provider has announced that on its new contracts, the early termination fee (ETF) will be raised to $350 from its current price of $200.  Interestingly enough, that’s the same price for an early termination at AT&T and Verizon – both companies who currently sell the iPhone.

What’s causing the iPhone/Sprint speculation as far as this story is concerned is the coincidence (or not) that Verizon raised their ETF right before announcing they would be offering the iPhone 4. In November 2010,  the company raised their ETF from $175 to $350, noting that “early terminations on contracts with unspecified ‘advanced device(s)’ will be subject to a fee.”

Earlier this week, we reported that Sprint had issued a memo to its retail employees telling them not to discuss rumors of an iPhone coming to Sprint with customers, and that if customers pressed the issue, to simply say “no comment.”

I don’t know about you guys, but between not commenting on rumors and now raising their early termination fees to the same ETF that Verizon did when THEY got the iPhone… yeah, I think it’s safe to predict that Sprint is getting the iPhone 5. What do you guys think?

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