Toy Tazer Lets Kids Dabble in Law Enforcement

Tazers have an output of 50,000 volts per shot. They’re not a toy, that’s obvious. Police use them (although sparingly) to subdue their pursuits, and they can be an effective tool. And, up until now, kids only had the choice to play with guns when playing “cops and robbers.”

Now, a 3.6-volt “toy tazer” is on the market (Let’s all make bets as to when it’ll be pulled!). The ‘tazer’ also features a built-in flashlight that will be helpful when interrogating ‘suspects.’

While it may not actually harm your child, there’s something to be said for peaceful playtime, even if the game is a somewhat violent-natured one – fake guns don’t shoot real bullets. The Toy Tazer does shoot, well, toy tazes. describes the toy as a “Police Electric Baton Shock/Tricky Toy with Flashlight” and it comes at a very affordable price of just $3.40, so you can buy one for the whole neighborhood. Or, you know, not.

Interestingly enough, the website also says that it is an “adult shock toy,” and not to be used for children or elders. What I like best about the description, though, is the idea that it is an “ideal joke and monster toy.” Just what I’ve been looking for! A monster toy!


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